Juan Navarro is a Writer/Artist from Miami, Florida, where he runs of Creature Entertainment, where he self publishes his own series of books (Tommy, Zombie Years , REZ, Sexually Transmitted Demons, VIGIL) while running his own comic book shop  THE GOBLINS HEIST in Hialeah.   

“Art is the Transference of ideas as energy. I make work that allows me to give what is driving and inspiring me, to others to witness and understand and give back” 

Born and raised in Hialeah (“agua, fango y factoría”) Florida, Juan Navarro has been comics and art for almost 30 years. Working in various mediums and formats, he is constantly exploring the next theme and technique with it. 

Fueled by a steady diet of comic books and Heavy Metal, Juan attended several Magnet programs in Miami including the Norland Middle School Arts Program and the Design and Architecture Senior High School. He graduated from the Performing and Visual Arts Center (PAVAC) at Miami Northwestern Senior High School. He studied for two years at SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN, studying under James Sturm, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the New World School of the Arts at the University of Florida. A founding member of Graphicsmash.com, and a founding illustrator for Steampunk Magazine.

He was also a co-director of the CS Gallery in North Miami, exploring  various avenues in modern painting, focusing on local artists, helped spear head initiatives, working with great artists like Aurora Molina, Jorge Chirinos and coordinating projects and events with the Musueum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) 

As Art Director for the Oliva Cigar Company, he headed many domestic and international ad campaigns, and the core look and design of the Studio Tobac series of cigars, streamlining of the design process, and renewed trade show and advertisement approaches and design. 

Art Archivist for 5 years for a private Art Collection, cataloging over 50 years of collected works, painting, photography and family affects.  Also worked on various special projects, ranging from 3D printed materials, to special construction for display of artwork, development of a personal and family timeline, while working with the artist who had special needs.

Currently, owns and runs Tattoos and Comics, a tattoo studio headed by Xavier Rieche, which specializes in pop culture and fandom tattoos and houses a comic book shop in Hialeah Gardens.

Feel free to contact me through SecretMediaGroup@gmail.com



  1. Hello, My name is Bryant Del Toro and i wrok with the City Of Miami Beach Parks and Recreation Department Teen Club. On March 24 we’ll be hosting an in house Comic con and would love to chat with you about you possible involvement. please contact me at 786-267-7438. thank you for you time and attention.

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