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FWACATA! podcast Episode 3 The Oscars Sucked, and How to be on the other side of the table at a Con

  Or just click here SHOW NOTES: INTRO: “TOO MANY PUPPIES” by Primus with some wise words by Stephen Fry Oscar Outro: BIRDMAN international trailer scene….I think it was apt after blithering about the Oscars. is a great place to start and find your con, in your area. Jeff Dekals Website Jose varese’s website

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Wanting it.

Tired as hell, eyes burning, I feel my stomach slaughtering the shitty piece of fast good I just ate, while my tongue flicks away the last bit off my teeth. Poor shitty corporate meat didn’t have a chance with my stomach acids, it got jumped by a dark alley orphan gang, all young hateful muscle and sinew, honed

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Agua, Fango, y Factoria! DEFEND HIALEAH! People are having fun with these shirts, as my boy Yaznuts will tell you: No one will touch that man’s platano tree! NO ONE! We even have the Samurai’s of Orlando ready to DEFEND their harvest from haters! CoñooooooOO! Get your armor today! 

Coño!: Giant Skeletor Action Figure Replica, HOLY SHIT

via Guy Masters Universe, Builds Giant Skeletor Action Figure Replica. Chris from LIVIDTEES was talking about GIANT SKELETOR and I have to admit, my brain choked seeing this. FUCKING GORGEOUS! It’s amazing. I’m not materialist by too much but this, THIS?!?! I’ve seen images of a He-man being built, and can’t help but think about doing a FISTO

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