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LUNCH TIME: Thoughts on “Serrano Shoots Cuba” on Vice

Andres Serrano has come a long way since “Piss Christ” which I find intriguing to this day and only after the fires are semi-burnt out, have we seen the full effect the piece has had. Go see. But really his other photographic works deserve to be noted, and his eye, being a bit heavy on

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UNLOCKING THE TRUTH  The is hope for the future! When I see kids like this, I can’t help but smile and think we’re gonna be okay, they haven’t gotten all of us, we’re still in charge, and we’re still beautiful  AMAZING

LUNCH TIME: Ottavia Bourdain – FIGHTLAND

A friend of mine sent me this video, and I thought it was fascinating not only because of Bourdain connection but also to see people develop themselves further by adopting a Martial Art.

LUNCH TIME: Comi Books Great, Jim Lee

These videos were making the round on tumblr, and I was just fascinated by it, because 1.) they still holds up especially the basics and 2.) JIM LEE CAN FUCKING DRAW SO years later and it still holds up!