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“Welcome Home, Frank” just​ finished watching the PUNISHER

Instagram: Just finished the PUNISHER on Netflix and let me tell you, for me personally one of the best Marvel series so far. It lagged a bit in some spaces but overall, amazing. I do have big thing to say but I think it's spoiler-ish so please if you wish to not know, stop… Continue reading “Welcome Home, Frank” just​ finished watching the PUNISHER

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LUNCH TIME: Thoughts on “Serrano Shoots Cuba” on Vice

Andres Serrano has come a long way since "Piss Christ" which I find intriguing to this day and only after the fires are semi-burnt out, have we seen the full effect the piece has had. Go see. But really his other photographic works deserve to be noted, and his eye, being a bit heavy on… Continue reading LUNCH TIME: Thoughts on “Serrano Shoots Cuba” on Vice

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Before its gone

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COMICS, MAN: The Bouletcorp » Darkness

The Bouletcorp » Darkness. One of the funniest comics I've read in awhile and overall, so well drawn and put together. WOW. I'm an instant fan I had to post it on here and show people. Wow. COMICS, MAN is where I post and tlak about, well, COMICS, maaaaan.

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143 min  -  Action | Adventure | Crime They Pass the Baton... or really the Exploding Pen to the next Troupe in the James Bond Franchise, and they pass it WELL Caught a Sneak preview last night at the Regal South Beach of SKYFALL, the newest James Bond film, and I have to say, I REALLY DUG IT. It… Continue reading REVIEW: SKYFALL