It seems all kinds of ridiculous right now….

Sometimes the word thing to feel is unneeded, and maybe unwarranted. Not unneeded, thats different but to come in with your agenda or life, is just not what needs to be looked at this moment. With everything going on, I can't in good conscious, start blathering about my work and what i have going. Instead [...]

STATION ID: and knowing is half the WHAT AM I DOING? NOOOO

So I'm doing JOEVEMBER and what is that? After INKTOBER decided it's good to have a type of drawing regime everyday no matter how small. It's keep s the Brian going and this has already made my brain pump new ideas with new approaches. I find that alongside my current working out (yes I'm going [...]

STUFF I FIND: Liquitex Arcylic – Ultramarine Blue

LiquiteX Acrylic - Ultramarine Blue, front and back, with that Futura font in front and hand pulled screen printing is just awesome in it's own way.

STUFF I FIND: Vintage Spray Paint Cans, HI-BRITE

Spray paint I found that I think it about 20-40 years old, I shit you not. Though I'm not sure, can anybody can tell me?

STUFF I FIND: Vintage Enamel and Fabric Paint

Paints I found in storage. Now long dried out, I still love the typography and the look of these little bottles. I think the cool thing is so much of it was handmade from the screen printed labels to the bottles with their screw tops. You just don't see these anymore. Everything is plastic wrapped [...]