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I thought this was the other side…

"Every nation gets the government it deserves."-Joseph de Maistre

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OKAY OKAY lets take it from here…

It's more about Direction than Speed.

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Why is it that the NEW NORMAL make me want to burn things down?

Then before my eyes, is standing still I beheld it there, a city on a hill I complete my tasks, one by one I remove my masks, when I am done

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The screens are looking back

THIS IS MY MOOD as of late. This picture and event encapsulates my current situation. I will leave this here for people to mull over. Nothing more. Grumble grumble... WUNDERLIST is going away, and I wonder what next task management thing am I going to use to ignore while working. I used it really more… Continue reading The screens are looking back

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Is complete idiocy a symptom?

Christ on a crutch, this week has been both a blur and a slog through mud, at least mentally! Who else feels this way? How are you guys? Here in Miami, Hialeah to be exact, where it rained pretty hard today and I found myself quoting old people around here, and saying "we needed it"… Continue reading Is complete idiocy a symptom?

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The Virus may get me, but not my soul

Full process of this sketch on my Patreon Hello, from Hialeah. Where the weather has been nice and the paranoia even nicer. Like any creative worth their salt, I like so many others when I was met with the whole "stay inside, stay away from humans" situation that is quarantine, have excelled well past the… Continue reading The Virus may get me, but not my soul