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SUPER KOOPA BROTHERS! Okay concept: King Koopa or Bowser, wakes up one day find his Koopa Kingdom overrun by… PLUMBERS?!?! Soon he has to claim his kingdom back from these crazed Plumbers, with their water snakes, Plunger Brothers, Goomba Rush attacks, and Pipes…. PIPES EVERYWHERE! Maybe Wario is behind it? Or does Bowser have to count…on Mario‘s

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Wanting it.

Tired as hell, eyes burning, I feel my stomach slaughtering the shitty piece of fast good I just ate, while my tongue flicks away the last bit off my teeth. Poor shitty corporate meat didn’t have a chance with my stomach acids, it got jumped by a dark alley orphan gang, all young hateful muscle and sinew, honed

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WALL TO WALL AWESOME: Nick Gazin’s Comic Book Love-In

I looooooove Nick Gazin’s Comic Book Love-In , I try to catch it every time it comes out. Not only is it funny, but what he picks are very solid. Solid, because for one thing, because he genuinely loves (or hates) the project or book or whatever. He has that stripe of nerd and cool guy that make sit underground and hip. I know that last

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Agua, Fango, y Factoria! DEFEND HIALEAH! People are having fun with these shirts, as my boy Yaznuts will tell you: No one will touch that man’s platano tree! NO ONE! We even have the Samurai’s of Orlando ready to DEFEND their harvest from haters! CoñooooooOO! Get your armor today!