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Initial sketch of Denise from Zombie Years. I wanted to go for lithe look that was strong and flexible, like a track and field runner, but facially I wanted her to be wily and empathic.

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When I'm trying to figure out how to tell a story, it's all in the moleskine. These are some layout for upcoming pages of ZOMBIE YEARS

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SKETCHBOOK: LUCKY BASTARD, conversation sketches

Trying to nail down the pace and tone of © LUCKY BASTARD, a comedy film I'm working on which I'm making first into a comic book to see if it can spring board towards the screen. I have a lot characters sketches and such but right now I'm just trying to set the tone and… Continue reading SKETCHBOOK: LUCKY BASTARD, conversation sketches

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So I'm back to posting! Sorry for the little hiatus in Sketchbook pages! I've been busy with the business side of things at CREATURE and Writing up a storm on a new feature and on some other projects so I haven't been drawing as much, and I haven't been able to sit at a scanner!… Continue reading SKETCHBOOK: KID FIGHT!

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TOMMY has the FITS sticker available for $3.00 Award! — Kickstarter

CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS by Juan Navarro » TOMMY has the FITS sticker available for $3.00 Award! — Kickstarter.