Do you know what a binocorn is?

Album cover art for an upcoming project I k ow absolutely nothing about but still, I really dig how it came out! Do you know what a binocorn is? I didn’t either until this. #albumart #musicart #art #albumcover #albumartwork #binocorn #unixorn #horn #mythicalcreatures from Instagram:

The Virus may get me, but not my soul

Full process of this sketch on my Patreon Hello, from Hialeah. Where the weather has been nice and the paranoia even nicer. Like any creative worth their salt, I like so many others when I was met with the whole "stay inside, stay away from humans" situation that is quarantine, have excelled well past the [...]

STATION ID: Going Headlong into​ the WORLD

Hello from Hialeah Florida, where we safely reside in constant sun and fun.... until the bees. A bee took my seat the other day. we have a bench outside the studio to sit and talk shit, smoke a cigarette and all that. I'm not afraid of them or of even being stung. I was stung [...]

EAT THE DEAD! t-shirt on sale

For sale today on TEEPUBLIC at just $14 ! Two days only! "He had it right this whole time: the world is for the living, and the dead? THE DEAD ARE MEANT TO BE CONSUMED! Or something like that... I just dig drawing Pac-man, that's all..."  

Concept: The Quixotic Owl Bear Bros.

Since I already posted about Finster yesterday, I decided to just put up the idea behind the ©OWLBEAR BROTHERS on here for people to pursue. Fantasy Comic Concept I was working on of mutated Owlbears, small in stature, but trained in different ways by a Wizard who live a rather peaceful life until the day the Wizard [...]