2020 is a wash, so now what?

https://youtu.be/dSf6ZjLcXvI Knee Deep in this: Hell, my name is Juan Navarro and I make things.  I make comics.  I make Art. I make people laugh. I make a business. All in that order.  In 1997 I want to Savannah College of Art for Sequential Art and decided to make comics for the rest of my [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Drawing Scroll Light box thingie

      Had an idea at one time where I would build a type of light desk/table with like a scrolls of paper running across, roll to roll. Then it would be easy to sort of make these long winding drawing using the light box by feeding images on the other side. Why? I have no idea. Never did [...]

LUNCH TIME: Making Shoes for Nearly 70 Years

MAKE | Frank Catalfumo: Making Shoes for Nearly 70 Years Look at those hands?!? Them are working man hands! Really cool mini-documentary on Frank Catalfumo, a shoemaker still busting ass after nearly 70 years. DAMN.