Well then let me tell you something, Kimber, I am here to fight for the best prize there is a man can get…” Figs could almost hear the priest eyes roll at this over his spell being said “ No not gold, not glory, mind you…” He wrapped around the hand, and started binding between the fingersâ Revenge

The Commute 

“Listen” he said, eyes wide to the sky, “LISTEN AND YOU CAN HEAR” Velour ignored the hobo as soon as she saw his testicles hanging out for his toga. She moved around, pinning a slower pedestrian in between the man with extra smell, so she could not have to connect at all. Her morning playlist [...]


I think I've watched every episode and clip on COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE, end to end, and I think the Alec Baldwin episode above, like twice. I always thought in my head, where I delude myself in thoughts of grandeur to help me cope with ever crushing reality that we live in, that when [...]


For the upcoming "Being an Adventure of Your Choosing" book "What Lies Beneath" by Magpie Killjoy I did the Illustration for the cover and interiors. This is one of the Interiors, AS THE CITY BURNS

He was a Hero, A Prince, and Now…

I have a secret admiration for Fan Fiction. And I'm not talking about Starscream and JAZZ torrid moaning for a boning, no, but cool realizations and visualizations of characters, real Doujinshi sort of stuff. This is a sketch that is part He-man, part Game of Thrones, which I just finished reading. Incredible book. The beginning [...]

WELCOME TO LAST WEEK: Steampunk Magazine #4 is out….for a while now!

Gah I forgot: did some illustration work for a Moore & Reppion story on this issue and forgot it came out since i was reading the preview copy before hand and was already enthralled. Off the site: It is with much joy and relief that we unveil the latest issue of SteamPunk Magazine, issue #4! [...]