The Virus may get me, but not my soul

Full process of this sketch on my Patreon Hello, from Hialeah. Where the weather has been nice and the paranoia even nicer. Like any creative worth their salt, I like so many others when I was met with the whole "stay inside, stay away from humans" situation that is quarantine, have excelled well past the [...]

PRESS: Making comics in Miami » The New Tropic

Very cool interview of me and several of my fellow South Florida comic makers here: Making comics in Miami » The New Tropic. Little by little folks, it's just a matter to Time and Comics.


Agua, Fango, y Factoria! DEFEND HIALEAH! People are having fun with these shirts, as my boy Yaznuts will tell you: No one will touch that man's platano tree! NO ONE! We even have the Samurai's of Orlando ready to DEFEND their harvest from haters! CoñooooooOO! Get your armor today! 

PODCAST: Where are you from, Homie? | Creature Entertainment

PODCAST: Where are you from, Homie? | Creature Entertainment.


CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS by Juan Navarro — Kickstarter. For all of those who follow my blog but may not know about my company (c'mon how could you not, I'm always blabbing about it, fuck n'ay) we started a KickStarter to get the word out on our upcoming trip to SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON! Please read and [...]