Dungeons and Dragons Sketchcards this week

So this week, the theme for my sketchcards was D&D and on top of that character I made, or was. Hence: https://youtu.be/CdDR8IF2-EA Mostly characters I’ve played but will take requests later! GAF it was fun to mess with with races and class, and delved into old character I played: meet Gaf a fighter Dwarf I [...]

D.C. Comics Character Concept run through

So I saw this amazing image By AnklesnSocks (go support!) and it made me trip first by the concepts involved and second the idea of getting all these characters on a page so I started my way tonight with some concepts! So here are the first four I thought it would be a great challenge [...]

All of my Marvel Retro Card set: SKETCH CARDS

Want a sketch card? Check out my FIVERR I have going right now...


I regularly draw a little more detail into sketch cards, but in the mad dash of finishing some sketch cards for the RETRO SERIES for UPPERDECK, I did this on a whim and dug it. Simple cartoon RHINO from Spider-man. BOOM. I think I may do a set of just cartoony Marvel cards... like obscenely [...]


That is Mr. Heh-heh, first name Meh.  Here is here to chop your head off. STOP CRYING. It'll take only 3 whacks! Now stop blubbering and go see him. What? Well maybe if you stop moving so much it'll only take 3. Quiet. I can't .. what ar e you saying? Between the ball gag and your [...]