…And this was supposed to be a light week!

Busy as all hell... I will be doing a panel on Saturday I believe (I'll announce time on twitter, probably) and be at the Creature Entertainment booth most of the day, signing books and prints, maybe doing quick commissions in between. More info HERE At night, when the Goo Goo Mucks come out, I will [...]

SUPPORT: NO SLEEP TILL….. NYCC Kickstarter Campaign on Kickstarter!

NO SLEEP TILL….. NYCC Kickstarter Campaign by Juan Navarro — Kickstarter Creature Entertainment and Cosmic Times, two independent Comic Publishers from South Florida are joining forces and need your help to get to NYCC and show the world what we can do! HOW? WITH OUR IMMENSE PRINT COPY TOME of our huge "NO SLEEP TILL...." anthology [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Lore Slinger

Did this Sketch for a Kickstarter Supporter for his comic Lore Slinger  and they posted it up on the site, and thought i would share here.