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  • BTW FWACATA! tumblr

    FWACATA! Mostly use to post images I dig, and repost art I like and research I find.  Its simple, but thought I would post a link here. You also find update on TWITTER too.

  • Steampunk Magazine » ART: THOSE WHO DREAM BY DAY

      Steampunk Magazine » ART: THOSE WHO DREAM BY DAY. FYI folks, I’m the Art Director at Steampunk Magazine, and at the blog I put work sometimes, especially when I’m looking into the aesthetics of Steampunk that go past goggles n top hats. Go take a look, there are some great reviews there and the…


    After thumbing around and busy working on other stuff finally pumped some hours and put in artwork of mine IN the artwork section.  Will be updating that little by little and just added “THE MONSTER’S MUSE” a piece I’m doing for an upcoming Bear and Bird Show “Monster Mash” to the list


    BOOM, BRO! Hit and quit it! RIP AND DIP!

  • Rene Almanza

    If you ever held a piece of charcoal and stood there making lines trying to capture the intricacies of the human figure, you can really appreciate the amazing-ness of these drawings. Juxtapoz Magazine – Rene Almanza | Erotica.

  • Bargain!?!

    Working on the IPAD, busting ass.