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Why is it that the NEW NORMAL make me want to burn things down?

Then before my eyes, is standing still
I beheld it there, a city on a hill
I complete my tasks, one by one
I remove my masks, when I am done

REVERIE Sketch Group 01/26/15 – NINJA NIGHT!

Reverie Sketch Group is a figure and portrait drawing workshop meeting roughly every two weeks in South Florida. Created and hosted by Jeff Dekal, the group is open to anyone with interest in getting together and sketching the figure, exchanging ideas, and just being inspired. The other night was NINJA NIGHT, with the super talented

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PUNCH: FCBD, Midnight Sandwich, ZY delays and Whatever else

The Zombie Years » Archive » LOVE is in the air….and some Blood… and some trachea…. and….. here’s a little explanation on the absence of Zombie Years the last couple of weeks. Meanwhile, this weekend if FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and it is insane! Too much awesomeness happening this weekend and after C2E2 ( which

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This Weekend! SQUARE ART! ANIMATE! MIAMI! and more stuff!

This weekend: I will have a painting up there under the moniker of FWACATA, it’s part of a series of portraits I’m currently working. most likely after I will post about it on here, till then check out the show. Then this whole weekend end check out ANIMATE! Miami where I will signing books for ZOMBIE YEARS at the Creature Entertainment booth!The whole weekend

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Odd concept that called for a stencil and would be used around the city, announcing messed up stats and figures about Miami to passing motorist to get people aware. never did it because A. I was never a graffiti artist B. I’m not a Minor C. I can’t run that fast D. Name was taken and really it just too similar

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