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“Welcome Home, Frank” just​ finished watching the PUNISHER

Instagram: Just finished the PUNISHER on Netflix and let me tell you, for me personally one of the best Marvel series so far. It lagged a bit in some spaces but overall, amazing. I do have big thing to say but I think it's spoiler-ish so please if you wish to not know, stop… Continue reading “Welcome Home, Frank” just​ finished watching the PUNISHER

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Trailer for the Amazing GUN MACHINE  by fucking WARREN ELLIS. Reading it now, and it's a constant in your head when you stop. I may do a little review later. LUNCH TIME is going to be my attempt to entertain you during your lunch break with something to watch/listen/read while you chow down. That what… Continue reading LUNCH TIME: GUN MACHINE

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The other night a group of friends came over, and we just chatted it up in inane crap here and there. You know how it is now everyone starts talking about the election and high minded ideals, and utopic blathering come about. I think I get this from my childhood friends but I tend to… Continue reading ELECTION 2008: BURN SHIT DOWN

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NO, not in China, IN NEW YORK, right in front of the UN. from juannavarro.vodpod.c ---------------- Now playing: Ramones - My Back Pages via FoxyTunes

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Lazy Saturday

Been in my PJs all morning watching the sun melt snow while going through everything on my DEL.ICO.US site, posting on Schmalitical, and researching for some project. Here are some top pics: +Wrote a little about the CHANGE CONGRESS project and all it's ideas. It's very exciting, but I can't help but feel it maybe… Continue reading Lazy Saturday

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Anonymous: and Wow the guy made the origami version of the mask. Nice. Here is Miami's location Church of Scientology of Florida 120 Giralda Avenue Coral Gables, FL 33134-5209 UNITED STATES Phone: 305 445-7812 Whats scary is the fact that on the<a href=""> locater of the website</a>, it;s kind of scary how many location they… Continue reading MARCH 15TH