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On a lighter but less cooler note…

 LINKS: +The new Mighty Avengers coming out is KICK ASS +Eventhough 4th edition is coming out and all, some of these last supplements coming out are really damn interesting, like the Noble Wild supplement by Skirmisher publishing + That friggin guy, Warren Ellis, went and made another comic, and now I'm hooked. DAMN. +Battle Pope,… Continue reading On a lighter but less cooler note…

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Comiendo Mierda

Can't believe I had this to one side and never did shit with it: Go see....

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And the medicine is…..more 4th Edition


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I’ve got a fever…….4th Edition fever!

SO more coverage now 4th Edition. Last night after the announcement, the Wizards site even crashed form the huge amounts of folks trying to find out what was going on. It seems like they're really going to push the envelope with technology in this. FIne. Just don't screw with the rules! Here's more: and Part… Continue reading I’ve got a fever…….4th Edition fever!

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New Game:Word on the Street » Blog » D&D: The Drinking Game

Word on the Street » Blog » D&D: The Drinking Game What the..... D&D&D, or “Dungeons and Dragons and Drunkards? Not bad. Now If the DM has to participate for each NPC they have going...well shit, that a deadman right there.

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Hex Games on Paizo!

Recieved this e-mail from Leighton and got around to put it up now! Hex Games' flagship products, QAGS and Qerth, are now available as PDFs.  These PDFs are rugged, durable, and completely stain-resistant.  If you so desire you can purchase and download these fine products LINK You know you should really buy that swell Qerth… Continue reading Hex Games on Paizo!