FLORIDA SUPERCON 2013, BOOTH# 740, this weekend in MIAMI! Panels, Sketch Covers, and more

This 4th of JULY weekend we will be out and about once again at our favorite con of the year, our hometown of Miami Florida's  FLORIDA SUPERCON! We'll be located at BOOTH# 740 come by because we will have new books and prints, like ZOMBIE YEARS #7 I will be speaking at 3 panels this weekend, [...]


THIS WEEKEND, come join us at MEGACON 2013! Hang out, Talk smack, and later hang for the DRINK & DRAW later, we'll be signing books, doing sketches, selling prints, etc.! Also you we'll be having a DRINK AND DRAW EVENT on Friday night! BOOZE and DOODLES, meng! EDIT: Just put a lot more links on [...]

Hey Folks, I make comics: The Zombie Years

I have been Writing and Drawing The Zombie Years for almost five years (Anniversary in January) been meaning of talking about it a bit more on here. We're about to wrap up issue 6 in the original comic book format, and issue 7 will lead in/part of a big January celebration I want to put [...]


So I will be a bit absent form the blog for a bit. I maybe put another roster of sketches before I go but seeing that it's coming down the wire, well, that just might not happen. But until then let me explain why: MIAMI, FL – CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT a South Florida based Comic Book [...]

TOMMY facebook page, up and running….. for it’s LIFE!

TOMMY, our hysterical surreal tale of a boy and his murderous rabbit, has it's own Facebook page! Come follow it and see current pages, concept sketches and sneak peeks!