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  • The screens are looking back

    The screens are looking back

    THIS IS MY MOOD as of late. This picture and event encapsulates my current situation. I will leave this here for people to mull over. Nothing more. Grumble grumble… WUNDERLIST is going away, and I wonder what next task management thing am I going to use to ignore while working. I used it really more…

  • Always do your own Stunts

    Always do your own Stunts

    So, lets see what spazzed out today… So I’m messing around with the idea of doing a series of shorts to not only get my work out there, but also to make mini comics. I have a deep love for mini-comics, the zine looking comic lovingly hand folded and stapled together is such a cool…



    So It’s been a while since I’ve done one of thes,e but now I am figuring to do more than I ever have before, because I’m starting to see the light. I’ve gone full time with the art thing, while running the comic book shop and it’s not easy let me tell you. I have…

  • STATION ID: What, or better, WHO is FWACATA?!?

    STATION ID: What, or better, WHO is FWACATA?!?

    Time once again to state what this blog is all about!

  • STATION ID: A Valuable Witness

    STATION ID: A Valuable Witness

    Lately, its an endeavor to put something together to show you. Not because of anything else other than the real ugly truth: I don’t want to cate to Apathy. I don’t get what I want from the internet. I don’t want to be n here having a one-sided conversation and at the same time,  if…