Glowing Penis!

Glowing Penis!, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. Wow the island has anything! What hatch corresponds with that? Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.”-Frank Zappa

Today: +Best quote on Art ever: "It takes courage to do art. To have the courage of your conviction and do art when perhaps no one else believes in you. When it comes to art, that’s the only talent there is. The courage to overcome. By conflating populism with artistic merit (or Talent or whatever [...]

The Sarah Silverman show…

Is becoming the "Everyone is Funny but Sarah Silverman" I mean she just does the same joke: "Hey what's going on here?" "I don't know Sarah" "well stop it you racially charged word that shocks people" and then we go "oh my" I mean what happened to plain BITCH Sarah? She plays such a good [...]

“The Sopranos” prediction pool | Salon Arts Entertainment

"The Sopranos" prediction pool | Salon Arts & Entertainment Here are a couple of good ones. I guess I like the idea that, in the end, a woman might be in charge. Or maybe even AJ. It's odd though, but for me, I want Tony to survive. I want him to THRIVE. I want him [...]

YouTube Coming Soon To Apple TV

Steve Jobs at the D5 conference: "Wouldn't it be great if you could see YouTube in your livingroom? YOUTUBE ON APPLE TV?" read more | digg story THIS MAY LEAD ME TO BUYING IT....MAYBE.  Then again part of me is screaming, "read a book!"