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  • PODCAST: Where are you from, Homie? | Creature Entertainment

    PODCAST: Where are you from, Homie? | Creature Entertainment.

  • Music for fragile Monday morning minds

    Or even the afternoon. Thanks to Warren. Podcast of various band, just make with the clicky, bro, listen to different stuff.

  • Like being kicked in the Shins

    “See, this is why I don’t have a fucking jet pack. “No, no, we need umpty million quid to look for fucking great holes, why on earth would we want to cure cancer, the common cold or Frenchness?” Bastards. Happy Sunday morning. Now fuck off.”

  • the right thinking…

    It’s good to be in, at times, in the right thinking when you did something in your comic. I go 99% of the time with my gut when I do anything on VIGIL. Mostly because thats the one project where I think “Fuggit” and don’t really care for ratings, fans, viewers ( or the lack…

  • Batman Suicide Note meme

    BatmanSuicide01, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. Yet another lovely game to play with over at The Engine

  • XAM!

    TheEngineCapMarvel, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. For the current remake/remodel over at the Engine. Good lord, man… Lo comiste ! Felipe’s my favorite, but still…. My take: Sort of a Edward Scissorhands kind of thing….