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The screens are looking back

THIS IS MY MOOD as of late. This picture and event encapsulates my current situation. I will leave this here for people to mull over. Nothing more. Grumble grumble... WUNDERLIST is going away, and I wonder what next task management thing am I going to use to ignore while working. I used it really more… Continue reading The screens are looking back

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The Missing in Bloom

It was pain that didn't exist, something that was hurting before it's time. An ache that didn't exist, but all it did was make its presence known. That how the boy could best describe it. The old man looked at him for a bit, stroking his chin thoughtfully, smacking lips like he was about to… Continue reading The Missing in Bloom

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The Commute 

“Listen” he said, eyes wide to the sky, “LISTEN AND YOU CAN HEAR” Velour ignored the hobo as soon as she saw his testicles hanging out for his toga. She moved around, pinning a slower pedestrian in between the man with extra smell, so she could not have to connect at all. Her morning playlist… Continue reading The Commute 

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Approaching the Horizon

Thoughts on getting old.

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PRESS: Nobody Wants To Know How The Kickstarters Get Made – Something I wrote for @BleedingCool

For our Kickstarter! Nobody Wants To Know How The Kickstarters Get Made - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors. To paraphrase here: Sure you won’t get a fancy t-shirt to show your friends how different and “in” you are, or a book you can tell people you read BEFORE it was… Continue reading PRESS: Nobody Wants To Know How The Kickstarters Get Made – Something I wrote for @BleedingCool

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WORK: REZ, first page of comic script

Almost done with the script of a project I'm working called REZ, a supernatural Detective story that covers some religious and life views while at it. Hope to have an artist soon for it (still looking) and have the first issue out in the fall, but let me see. This is the first comic I write, that… Continue reading WORK: REZ, first page of comic script