SUNDAY FUNDAY: I like it but I can’t defend it.

Recently sitting with a fellow artist at the shop, we needed out over certain things. One thing was prevalent 90s genre stereotypes be it from clothing to movies onto whatever; neon glow colors, “radical” language, oh so appropriation of grunge and hip hop cultures to shill shit, and a time where shitty racism was EVERYWHERE. [...]

Always do your own Stunts

So, lets see what spazzed out today... So I'm messing around with the idea of doing a series of shorts to not only get my work out there, but also to make mini comics. I have a deep love for mini-comics, the zine looking comic lovingly hand folded and stapled together is such a cool [...]

So how’s the end of the world in your neighborhood going?

The sign on the shop... So this was the first week of Corona virus FUUUUUCKING shit up for everybody. How has your quarantine been going? I’ll tell you for us here in Miami it hasn’t been really ... anything. Other than that nasty underlying anxiety that shot is about to explode and go coocoo for [...]