STATION ID: “… If you will it, Dude, It is no dream”

Words don’t ring truer right now. Things are rough right now. Things are exciting right now. Yes, it’s both, like the weather. We’re supposed to be under a tropical storm warning right now, and it’s actually quite nice outside. It rained like hell Saturday but yesterday and today were a breezy just gracious time. In all…

MONDAY MOTIVATION: get to the other side!

New podcast up on Anchor and ITunes and so many other places you hear podcasts! Just look up FWACATA! Check out my episode “MONDAY MOTIVATION: get to the other side” from FWACATA on Anchor: More than ever!

STATION ID: Sleeping Giants

There is something powerful with a new idea. It strikes me at times and suddenly the blood moves, muscles twitch, and my hands go to work even briefly. Time is a factor and shit has to be put down on paper or typed or something for it to survive birth. Then it needs to gestate….