INSTAGRAM: She- Hulk 2014 Marvel Fleer Retro Sketch Card by Juan FWACATA NAVarro 1/1 RARE , one of the first for the artist, using copic and tombo markers and gel pen. Ultra rare as I do very few every year. Juan Navarro is a Writer/Artist from Miami, Florida, Editor of Creature Entertainment, Creator of webcomics Zombie Years and VIGIL, and Assistant Director at CS Gallery “My work isolates the world into a more manageable space, be it in design, illustration, or Sequential Art, honing technique and technology. The focus is the process, each piece is a journey in my desire for a certain project, vision or idea, to its best potential, for a simple understanding and control of the daily universe.” Born and raised in Hialeah (“agua, fango y factoría”) Florida, Juan Navarro has been writing for roughly ten years, making comic books for fifteen, and drawing and painting for over two decades. Fueled by a steady diet of comic books and Heavy Metal, Juan attended several Magnet programs in Miami including the Norland Middle School Arts Program and the Design and Architecture Senior High School. He graduated from the Performing and Visual Arts Center (PAVAC) at Miami Northwestern Senior High School and went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the New World School of the Arts at the University of Florida. He is the creator and artist of the web comic series Zombie Years since 2008, a founding member of, and a founding illustrator for Steampunk Magazine. He was also a co-director of the CS Gallery in North Miami and the Art Director for the Oliva Cigar Company. He has lived and worked in Chicago, Savannah, San Francisco and, of course, his hometown Miami Florida. Having worked in various projects ranging from Illustration (Art Director of Steampunk Magazine, Hex Games) to Design (Oliva Cigar, Bustelo Cafe) to Writing (Gaming Frontier Magazine, Leadership 10 Magazine) and showed in various Galleries and Art spaces (Art Basel, Free Spirits, CS Gallery, Bear and Bird)