I have drawn sketch cards for some years now for Upperdeck and for individual collectors.

Fleer Ultra Avengers 

Past Sketch Card collections I’ve worked on:
Marvel Beginnings 2021
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
Fleer Ultra Spider-man
Upper Deck CLERK 2 sketch cards
Marvel Doctor Strange
Marvel Masterpieces
Marvel Fleer Retro Sketch Cards
2015 Dinosaurs
Avengers 2 Sketchcards
Marvel 3D

There is something cool about a sketch card, it’s this one off small piece of art that doesn’t break the artist to sell, and doesn’t leave the buyer destitute, it’ s a small sample of artwork. I love sharing these with folks.

$25 Simple Head Bust B&W
$50 Color
$75 Full Body Color
+$25 per card for Diptych/Triptych and above

HIT ME UP by clicking my e-mail or @FWACATA anywhere else

If you’re interested in getting one, hit me up on my email or online and I can give you a quote!

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