Here is a collection of Appearances, Guest spots, panels, Interviews and such outside of what I regularly do for you to see:

Recent workshop done for Miami Book Fair with Wes Locher and Logan form RED BANDANNA GAMING
My bit as fatty boom batty comic shop owner en Español
A small interview on SHOUTOUT MIAMI, you can find it here

INTERVIEW with Friend and fellow artist, CHIRINOS SANCHEZ, from the website: Juan Navarro is an Artist, Writer and Comedian; co-founder of Creature Entertainment and Creator of the comic series: Tommy, Zombie Years, and Vigil. He is part Owner of ‘The Goblins Heist’ a small curated comic book shop, located in the heart of Downtown Hialeah Florida.
Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 3.56.20 PM


Panel with long time friend Martin Pierro from Cosmic Times

MegaCon 2012 Indy Panel. This panel features Juan Navarro, Martin Pierro, Ricardo Porven, Jeff Kaufman, Brian Pulido and Terry Cronin. Fantastic insight and information shared on this panel.
Orlando MegaCon 2012 – Indy Panel |

Past Interviews

Part 2 of the fun interview I did with Investcomics , check out answers from Jimmy Palmiotti, Billy Tucci, Tony Bedard, Frank Tieri, Jeff Balke, Sebastian Piccione, Jason Metcalf, Mike Wagganer, Brian Wolf, Karl Moline, and James Whynot


Plus various Mentions and other Articles and at Creature too.


2 responses to “PRESS”

  1. Everett Princeton Terrell Avatar
    Everett Princeton Terrell

    Dear Mr. Navarro…
    I can almost guarantee you will not remember me. But my name is Everett Princeton Terrell and we met at the Tampa Bay Comic Con. Me and my two friends spoke to you and your friend Mr. Martin Pierro seeking advice about our desire in making comic books like you. You gave me your business card with your information so that I may ask of your guidance. We were the three high schoolers who comic book series you and Mr. Pierro seemed really interested in. I am emailing you this because unfortunately I have misplaced your card and I would really like your advice and expertise on some questions I personally have. I would really like to speak to you if I may because I am really confused and nervous as I wish to make a fantastic comic book and really would like your knowledge to help me move forward with my comic. Please feel free to give me a email at or my phone number (if you feel like you’re comfortable calling a high school student. If not I understand) is 8134957783. I really did enjoy your panel and would really like to hear back from you and get your help. If not I really appreciate your time and I genuinely hope to cross paths with you again some day. Thank you, sir and I hope you have a good day.

    Everett Terrell

    P.S. In all honesty I would also like to apologize if my email made me sound like a major stick in the mud. My mom thought it’d be more professional if I sounded more like an adult instead of (and I’m just quoting here) ‘Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo’. Just wanted to throw that out there so you didn’t think I sounded like some basketcase. I look forward to hearing from you soon hopefully.


  2. juannavarro Avatar

    Good lord man, please do not walk on egg shell over me, I am just a guy, drawing away. Sorry for the late response, just been swamped with work. If you ened, please just e-mail me at


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