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One thing I kept in combining both K&K and Dragonsbreath was that the Kuriouser would be brothers, and both would be inventors/artificers but in their own way. Surprisingly they became MORE Steampunkish, in the silly superficial way in a fantasy world than in  their own. Believe this started the train of thought of breaking it

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CONSUME: Ride or Die iPhone & iPod Skin by FWACATA! | Society6

Zombie Years: Ride or Die iPhone & iPod Skin by FWACATA! | Society6 Working on some others, but this a possible cover for issue 8 ( alongside a possible wrap around by Carlos Hernandez) coming in October or so. Till then enjoy it as a iPhone cover and so many others things! Plus you’ll be

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LUNCH TIME: Comi Books Great, Jim Lee

These videos were making the round on tumblr, and I was just fascinated by it, because 1.) they still holds up especially the basics and 2.) JIM LEE CAN FUCKING DRAW SO years later and it still holds up!