STATION ID: The Blogosphere is dying and I feel fine..

I wanted a career as an artist. Now get me I am an artist, and I have one, but I wanted to be an ARTISTE: Working on my own visions unencumbered by the daily grind of peoples lives working my works towards some fanciful idea of life and love and the act of BEING so [...]

THICK OF THINGS: Maybe it’s not about speed, but not stopping

WINTER IS HERE! At least the version of winter that Miami can muster, sort of like Christmas lights on a Palm Tree, it's funny for second and then just means nothing. Holidays are here and before it used to be a time to hunker down, away form the conventions and craziness, and nail down new stuff for [...]


INDEPENDENCE! Episode Two opens with the idea of INDEPENDENCE and being an independent artist, how i'm going about it, what to do, but mostly the mindset needed to be an artist in this day an age. SHOW NOTES: INTRO: THE WAIT by METALLICA with a scene from SURVIVING PICASSO with Anthony Hopkins SHOTS of the "STUDIO" AKA [...]

The FWACATA report, September 2014

So here is a bit on what's going on, and where, and when, and why. Here we go: ZOMBIE YEARS HAS FINALLY MUTATED INTO IT'S OWN MONSTER AND IS OUT TO KILL IT'S MASTER. Okay not so much, but I have a great team of team on REZ the newest arc, "Wreckage" which will be a  limited [...]