I was trying to think is some cool funny thing to draw for the theme but... brush hit paper and Batman's cold nemesis Mr.Freeze just showed up so I ran with it. Get wash made from mixing a white and black ink to get solid-ish gray I've been using. NEXT UP: BUILD

REZ has only 10 DAYS TO GO! FULLY FUNDED, lets hit them STRETCH GOALS!

I am happy to say that REZ is fully funded and now we're headed to the stretch goals with already one being fulfilled, a bonus sticker for everyone! I'm trying to a second issue to be reached, if we hit that EVERYONE WILL GET AT LEAST A DIGITAL EDITION OF THE SECOND ISSUE! CAN WE [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Red Rogues Gallery

A little messing around or marker, White gel Pen on red acrylic. I dig the look, don't you? Not my best drawing, done on a whim, but opens the door to possibilities.

Doing sketch covers…

Lately at the cons, I have started doing sketch covers, mostly Creature Sketch covers like for RAVENOUS and ZOMBIE YEARS but also started doing covers of others books like these: I'm working on some new ones, they are fun to do, but with acrylics and markers and FUN. Some of the ones I see at cons just look like [...]