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STATION ID: A Valuable Witness

Lately, its an endeavor to put something together to show you. Not because of anything else other than the real ugly truth: I don’t want to cate to Apathy. I don’t get what I want from the internet. I don’t want to be n here having a one-sided conversation and at the same time,  if

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(THIS WAS LATE AS I AM ILL WITH FLU) Well, to post about my current projects and situation,  would be downright idiotic with taking yesterday’s date, and it’s relevance to myself. Sure, I could reflect on everything that happened that day, but do we all need another post about being there? About what happened? How have things changed?

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TAKE THE HIT: A weekly review sort of thing I may do from now on

I don’t know what I’m doing. I think the more you accept that, the more of YOU DO KNOW what you’re doing. How about that fortune cookie logic, huh? But no really, I think of all times I pull things out of my ass, that sentiment is what works, it’s what inspires, it’s what moves. My one

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