STATION ID: Do or do not, but STFU

Instagram: New blog posts on today. Did this a while back and the one thing I enjoyed is people saying I'm not that big anymore. So I guess the 90% vegan thing is working... in some way. I didn't post on Sunday, April 1 because A. I was really busy getting stuff together [...]

FWACATA 12 – Tattoos and Comics

Podcast from the Goblin's Heist Comic shop with Xavier Rieche, Artist and Owner of DAPPER 13 Tattoo where the HEIST is located, and how he came to be in both the Tattoo Industry and the Comics industry, and we get into a Fanboy Circle Jerk over Age of Ultron! Here is the link to our [...]

FWACATA Episode 11 – Determination versus Denominations

As we ramp our way up to C2E2, I take some time to reflect what it takes to do this thing, with some stories of the pat and thought on the future. In the middle of the storm, you gotta find your way, or it'll be found for you. Creature Entertainment isn't about the bottom [...]

More than a HUNGER! RAVENOUS – Kickstarter

RAVENOUS - More than a HUNGER! by Juan Navarro — Kickstarter. We're at it again, this time with an amazing project that I've been part of as Editor and now as Series writer (starting in issue 2)  created by the amazing team of  John Ulloa and Jose Varese. Jose is an amazing artist, and you [...]

SKETCHBOOK: Delilah doesn’t Play….

Delilah from the ZOMBIE YEARS doesn't play around, she been through it all, so she has no time for your bullshit, for your whining, for all your heavy bullshit. No, she has another day to survive and to her, every time you wake up and breath is a win.


Power of our Own Will into Decisions. Decide on it, make the steps, everything else will come. Don't wait for Inspiration, it WAITS FOR YOU!