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SKETCHBOOK: A Rose has Thorns… and a great axe

Mermoz and Rose from an upcoming book of mine called DRAGONBREATH., a D&D inspired comic book I’m writing.  

PRESS: Nobody Wants To Know How The Kickstarters Get Made – Something I wrote for @BleedingCool

For our Kickstarter! Nobody Wants To Know How The Kickstarters Get Made – Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors. To paraphrase here: Sure you won’t get a fancy t-shirt to show your friends how different and “in” you are, or a book you can tell people you read BEFORE it was

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STUFF I FIND: Radiant Concentrated Watercolor – Dr. Martin

STUFF I FIND: Radiant Concentrated Watercolor – Dr. Martin, which I think are about 25-35 years old or so, and some are still good, but most were dried up husk. The bottles are nice and pretty heavy for such small color bottles. I remember seeing a picture of Jack Kirby at his desk doing one

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TODAY: Not At Comic-Con 2013 at TATE’S, and ULTRACON in Hialeah!

Not At Comic-Con 2013 at TATE’S. I will be signing the ANTHOLOGY and selling some of my books and sketch covers there, 11am till 5 or so. Before that, Early in the morning I’ll be at: (1) ULTRA-CON OF SOUTH FLORIDA PRESENTS ANIME & TOYS & COMIC BOOK & ARTIST ALLEY CONVENTION and then all-day SUNDAY!

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WALL TO WALL AWESOME: Nick Gazin’s Comic Book Love-In

I looooooove Nick Gazin’s Comic Book Love-In , I try to catch it every time it comes out. Not only is it funny, but what he picks are very solid. Solid, because for one thing, because he genuinely loves (or hates) the project or book or whatever. He has that stripe of nerd and cool guy that make sit underground and hip. I know that last

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