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“Can I let my geek out?” A BRAND NEW CHRIS & JUAN

Click on through and list to Chris and me talk on something s geekand what not...

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Wizard World Miami: Damn good for Miami!

  It's what you heard from EVERYBODY at the con: it was damn good for MIAMI.  It was awesome comic book fun. More to come, but I'm getting over a little of Con Crud... after breathing in farts for a whole weekend that tends to happens. UPDATE, here are links to the interviews we did,… Continue reading Wizard World Miami: Damn good for Miami!

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305Magazine |interview with CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy 305Magazine |.

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Vincent Kuriouser- Steampunker

Working on a good median point between watercolor and ink for an upcoming Steampunk book project I've been fiddling with for like 5 years now.

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After reading, reading, Reading, Reading, reading, and READING on all these new limp-wristed manifesto about comics, I thought I would put in my two cents 1. Nobody gives a fuck. Most people want to read a book here and there, and are looking for a cool graphic or something "funky" or whatever. But in then… Continue reading The COMIC MANIFESTOS ARE FUCKING STUPID manifesto