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Concept: The Quixotic Owl Bear Bros.

Since I already posted about Finster yesterday, I decided to just put up the idea behind the ©OWLBEAR BROTHERS on here for people to pursue. Fantasy Comic Concept I was working on of mutated Owlbears, small in stature, but trained in different ways by a Wizard who live a rather peaceful life until the day the Wizard

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Kuriouser and Kuriouser, a complete Concept

These are some loose pen sketches I started to do because a fat rollerball pen we use, UNIBALL impact 207. They are really loose, and in essence, HORRIBLE drawing tools but once they get warmed up and the ink is coming out evenly (which I don’t know to attribute to actual warmth from use, or

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SKETCHBOOK: You don’t know what it’s like to hate. To have your entire life become nothing more than an expression of hate. Nothing else matters. Nothing else can compare. Or taste as sweet

I love the PUNISHER. I always thought, if I had half a chance, I would just bring him back to basics. The current run is good, and shows him doing his thing, but I think it was Garth Ennis who brought us all a back to what is comes down to: PUNISHMENT. We want the

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SKETCHBOOK: The Tusk Brothers

Concept for Half-orc Triplets that wreak havoc and general Fucked up-ness. I did them side by side just to give similar features but figure how they are different, but now it looks they are part of a doo wop group…which is kinda cool.