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SKETCHBOOK: Fuck Yeah I’m a superhero doctor…

A part of the plan for VIGIL was to expand the universe, and really the Drama into an ER Hill Street Blues situation in the writing of a Hospital that specialize in SUperhero care and such. It’s still in it’s infancy in my head, but I did have the scene for Dr. Rodriguez here to

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Look at this awesome monster by friend Tere! Guess who she gave it to? ME! YEAH! Look at it! I’m going to name him Marvy the Marvel Monster! He whispers to me to buy sketch covers I don’t want, and/or variant Covers that are too expensive!  

LUNCH TIME: Wordless animated short fantasy adventure film bought a tear to my eye…

This wordless, richly animated short fantasy adventure film is nine minutes of pure, unadulterated joy. This is so awesome, dug it WAAAAAAY too much. LUNCH TIME is going to be my attempt to entertain you during your lunch break with something to watch/listen/read while you chow down. That what I do at least! Enjoy!