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    Sorry for the late post but I was inundated with comics awesomeness due to Florida SUPERCON 2021! Yeah so I had no time to do a round up last week but maybe I’ll pile it up and make an extra special SUNDAY FUNDAY next week! Hmmmm Until then be good!

  • STATION ID: The Underpants​ Gnomes had it right

    STATION ID: The Underpants​ Gnomes had it right

    Late, but then again, right on time? At times when it comes to all the BRILLIANT ideas that come into the contraption thats called my mind, I recall the old gag of the Underpants Gnomes from South Park, basically, the reason WHY these Gnomes stole underwear from people: Looking at my little PLan of Action/Illiterate Hostage…

  • ANIMATE MIAMI 2014 – This weekend!

    I’ll be at the CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT booth #938, selling copies of ZOmbie Years, Tommy, REZ, and a lot more. I will be doing sketches and such but probably not taking on too many commissions though, as my schedule is kind of nuts right now! Here is a recent commission I did btw:

  • SPECIAL EDITION NYC con report

    I’m still Recovering. THAT WAS A GREAT SHOW! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us SPECIAL EDITION NYC! It was cool to see people from NYCC last year there, even folks from C2E2 and Hartford! Plus it was awesome to make some new fans too! Thank you guys! Here are some shots from the show floor…

  • MEGACON 2014 report: Damn that was cool…

    Alright, so I made it back in one piece from the extensive, ORLANDO MEGACON. I know I’m making it seem like a big deal and you might be saying,  “geez dude, it was just a con” but for me it’s a marathon of talking, selling, schmoozing, and networking, but I’m most tired from laughing so…

  • SKETCHBOOK: Dr. Strange, SorcerESS Supreme?

    Sketch based on the awesome female cosplay I saw on the road of Dr. Strange! By Jennifer Van Damsel,  it actually worked out that the paint reacted with some gesso I had on there and “powdered” up so the bumps went well with some litho crayon I was using to draw.