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THICK OF THINGS – August, The sun is still on, and I can take a punch. (Take the HIT no. 4)

I hate the term “I can take a punch” It means you’re such an asshole, that you A. Been punched a shit ton of times to know that and B. You’re a fucking twat who can’t duck. But it does connote that odd situation of being in a fight and getting decked hard as fuck and somehow,

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THICK OF THINGS – July, and somebody turn off the sun. NOW.

I am tired of sweating. Just. TIRED. And it’s only mid-summer. I’m sitting in my comic shop, THE GOBLINS HEIST, alone, it was just closing time. I have a stack bristol and sketch cover to take home and draw. I take tomorrow off, thought i have some meeting to attend to later, and tonight I plan

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SKETCHBOOK: Imaginary Frenemy

Jack from TOMMY, a story about a boy with an imaginary friend who happens to be a serial killer. Currently working on the last issue of the serie,s and it’s getting to be HARD. So much to say to do, but gotta get it done.  


Creature Entertainment’s 2014 convention tour reaches its big apex with our own hometown con, FLORIDA SUPERCON at the Miami Beach Convention Center, July 3rd through the 6th! We will be with new Books including Art of Jose Varese, a collection of the Art by an amazing centerpiece talent of Creature.  Jose will be on hand select

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THIS WEEKEND: Hartford Comic-con!

This weekend I will be HARTFORD COMIC-CON with Creature Entertainment alongside Jose Varese and Jeff Dekal, with brand new Cover to issue 1 of volume 2 of ZOMBIE YEARS by Jose, colored by Mario Gonzalez! If you want to book a sketch or sketch card before hand, hit me up on here or on my

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