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Appearance on the TALKING GEEK podcast

Been meaning to post this but have had my hands full with other projects, but I was on the TALKING GEEK podcast last week, and it was great time! Click to go:

SKETCHBOOK: Wolverine versus the TICK

Wolverine versus the TICK! Adamantium versus Nigh-invulnerable? Another doodle done during a meeting…  

LUNCH TIME: Comi Books Great, Jim Lee

These videos were making the round on tumblr, and I was just fascinated by it, because 1.) they still holds up especially the basics and 2.) JIM LEE CAN FUCKING DRAW SO years later and it still holds up!


THIS WEEKEND, come join us at MEGACON 2013! Hang out, Talk smack, and later hang for the DRINK & DRAW later, we’ll be signing books, doing sketches, selling prints, etc.! Also you we’ll be having a DRINK AND DRAW EVENT on Friday night! BOOZE and DOODLES, meng! EDIT: Just put a lot more links on

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