2019 Of Creative Pursuits and things of that nature …

HAPPY 2019! Back at it again in 2019 with the new year new ideas here to inspire and get you guys moving and have you accomplish your creative dreams take a listen and let me know if you need more. For a comic book artist, comedians, designers, any type of creative! Check out the podcast [...]

STATION ID: Penis Poachers

Hello from Miami, where the weather is being a tease lately: Some days have been gorgeous here others it feels like the sun is going to land on us. If this be the end, well damn. But there is hope: THE FUTURE IS NOW! I had an idea for a type of skit/short where penis [...]

STATION ID: Going Headlong into​ the WORLD

Hello from Hialeah Florida, where we safely reside in constant sun and fun.... until the bees. A bee took my seat the other day. we have a bench outside the studio to sit and talk shit, smoke a cigarette and all that. I'm not afraid of them or of even being stung. I was stung [...]

EAT THE DEAD! t-shirt on sale

For sale today on TEEPUBLIC at just $14 ! Two days only! "He had it right this whole time: the world is for the living, and the dead? THE DEAD ARE MEANT TO BE CONSUMED! Or something like that... I just dig drawing Pac-man, that's all..."  

STATION ID: The Creative Process, Inspirations, and Magazines

  1. Instagram: http://ift.tt/2FSOd07 The Creative process In a nutshell. Have a lot on my plate but, TOMMY Volume 2 Issue 1 is DONE! Come see it at C2E2 in April! Plus we have a Kickstarter coming for it by then too! Lots of news coming!, Till then we have 3 covers by the amazing [...]

STATION ID: watching a storm roll in. Hopefully this is not symbolism. Because I am the storm.

Instagram: http://ift.tt/2IiU1Sa Sitting at the dentist office finally getting my wisdom tooth looked at, while watching a storm roll in. Hopefully this is not symbolism. Because I am the storm. Have been busy all weekend finishing Tommy issue 4 or Volume 2 issue 1 or Suzy 1 or whatever the fuck we are deciding. I [...]