Miami will land on the sun one day. The days are getting hotter but then the nights are gorgeous with a breeze that get the blood going. Miami weather. It's getting to that point though that we start going into our own winter mode where you don't want to go outside because of the heat.… Continue reading STATION ID: TURBO BREATHING

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REZ has only 10 DAYS TO GO! FULLY FUNDED, lets hit them STRETCH GOALS!

I am happy to say that REZ is fully funded and now we're headed to the stretch goals with already one being fulfilled, a bonus sticker for everyone! I'm trying to a second issue to be reached, if we hit that EVERYONE WILL GET AT LEAST A DIGITAL EDITION OF THE SECOND ISSUE! CAN WE… Continue reading REZ has only 10 DAYS TO GO! FULLY FUNDED, lets hit them STRETCH GOALS!

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  ONLY $30.00 and you get an Exclusive Cover Print, plus Print/Digital format Comic combo: Get REZ #1 in both formats, with the print versions signed by the writer, Juan Navarro! Take it to Yoga class and like Sonia, tell people to #*$& OFF! when you're getting your chakras aligned! Stop people from cutting in front of you… Continue reading REZ T-SHIRT NOW AVAILABLE!

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SKETCHBOOK: She’s a …..Free spirit

Sonia was to be Umo's right hand but it seems she ended up in the Rez book instead. She will be interesting, because she such conflicted character, who has it all together already, it will be funny to let her out to blossom. Sorry this didn't post earlier, but I guess messed up on the Pm and the AM.