FWACATA ETSY shop is open!

I have prints and soon original art available in the ETSY store soon,but it's open now with a selection of prints I've done including my DHALSIM print which is kicking off my Street Fighter Series of prints I'm doing for the year! You can find that so much more in my STORE too, and you'll be helping… Continue reading FWACATA ETSY shop is open!

Moleskine · REZ · SKetches


  ONLY $30.00 and you get an Exclusive Cover Print, plus Print/Digital format Comic combo: Get REZ #1 in both formats, with the print versions signed by the writer, Juan Navarro! Take it to Yoga class and like Sonia, tell people to #*$& OFF! when you're getting your chakras aligned! Stop people from cutting in front of you… Continue reading REZ T-SHIRT NOW AVAILABLE!