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ILLUSTRATION: 2019 Marvel Cinematic Universe 10th Anniversary set by Upperdeck

Finished these last summer, and it’s great to hear they are on their way out now! 2019 Upper Deck Marvel Studios First Ten Years celebrates a decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (a.k.a. MCU) in trading card form. Although Marvel Comics is a long-running heavyweight, MCU is still fairly new to the collecting scene having

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DISNEY + MARVEL + LUCASFILM = too big to fail but in ideas

I’m Mad. I’m Angry. At first I thought I was being unreasonable , but the more I looked at it, the more I read, the angrier I got. Disney Buys Lucasfilm; Eyes Release Of ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ For 2015 CRAP. It’s too BIG TO FAIL but in ideas, in art, in form. It’s this

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