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INKTOBER DAY 18: MISFIT Decided to be redundant and draw a misfit wearing some Misfits planning misfit things: Doom Patrol’s Cliff Steel aka Robotman sporting the crimson ghost! Tomorrow? SLING #inktober #inktober2019 #misfit #doompatrol #cliffsteele #crimsonghost

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INKTOBER DAY 12 : DRAGON As I’m catching up on some work due to freelance I’m putting these out now! Oy vey! DRAGON. There is so many ways to go with this and decided to just go with what came to mind. I could fill several sketchbook about images of dragons but do subscribe to… Continue reading INKTOBER DAY 12 – DRAGON

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I was trying to think is some cool funny thing to draw for the theme but... brush hit paper and Batman's cold nemesis Mr.Freeze just showed up so I ran with it. Get wash made from mixing a white and black ink to get solid-ish gray I've been using. NEXT UP: BUILD

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(Late in the day but not late!) Yes this is all that came to mind and went with it. It wasn't the idea of Bait but what happens after that came to me. The hook in mouth... Tomorrow? FREEZE

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STATION ID: What, or better, WHO is FWACATA?!?

Time once again to state what this blog is all about!


ILLUSTRATION: 2019 Marvel Cinematic Universe 10th Anniversary set by Upperdeck

Finished these last summer, and it's great to hear they are on their way out now! SPIDER-HAM! AP Card (Available for Purchase) 2019 Upper Deck Marvel Studios First Ten Years celebrates a decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (a.k.a. MCU) in trading card form. Although Marvel Comics is a long-running heavyweight, MCU is still fairly… Continue reading ILLUSTRATION: 2019 Marvel Cinematic Universe 10th Anniversary set by Upperdeck