The difference between a Wise man and a Fool…

...Is that a Wise Man learns from his mistakes. I read this first in a fortune cookie in a dive of a Chinese restaurant in Carol City when i was like 8 or something. It stayed with me all this time. Its the sort of thing that you think you "get" the first time, but [...]

Fuck your horoscope and move your ass


Hmmmm…I respect peoples beliefs, I really do. You want to worship a rock worship a rock, whatever it is fine.BUT…I don’t dare affiliation or religion or whatever you have, WITHOUT ACTION, it ain’t worth shit. The universe isn’t going to save you much less , GIVE YOU what you want. You have to work it [...]

Okay, catching up June 14th update Couldn’t get time to write a post this week so got something going video wise for everybody. CLICK THROUGH TO SEE MORE BE GOOD!


INKTOBER DAY 18: MISFIT Decided to be redundant and draw a misfit wearing some Misfits planning misfit things: Doom Patrol’s Cliff Steel aka Robotman sporting the crimson ghost! Tomorrow? SLING #inktober #inktober2019 #misfit #doompatrol #cliffsteele #crimsonghost


INKTOBER DAY 12 : DRAGON As I’m catching up on some work due to freelance I’m putting these out now! Oy vey! DRAGON. There is so many ways to go with this and decided to just go with what came to mind. I could fill several sketchbook about images of dragons but do subscribe to [...]


I was trying to think is some cool funny thing to draw for the theme but... brush hit paper and Batman's cold nemesis Mr.Freeze just showed up so I ran with it. Get wash made from mixing a white and black ink to get solid-ish gray I've been using. NEXT UP: BUILD