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It is Friday, you know?    



STUFF I FIND: MEAD CRAYONS These I remember as a Kid.... I remember hating them, they sucked. They didn't have the color of Crayola... they were dull. The only good thing is that they had a nice grip. I found very little on MEAD Crayons, surprised because i know they made other stuff like folders… Continue reading STUFF I FIND: MEAD crayons

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THIS WEEKEND, come join us at MEGACON 2013! Hang out, Talk smack, and later hang for the DRINK & DRAW later, we'll be signing books, doing sketches, selling prints, etc.! Also you we'll be having a DRINK AND DRAW EVENT on Friday night! BOOZE and DOODLES, meng! EDIT: Just put a lot more links on… Continue reading YOU! ME! MEGACON 2013!

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He was a Hero, A Prince, and Now…

I have a secret admiration for Fan Fiction. And I'm not talking about Starscream and JAZZ torrid moaning for a boning, no, but cool realizations and visualizations of characters, real Doujinshi sort of stuff. This is a sketch that is part He-man, part Game of Thrones, which I just finished reading. Incredible book. The beginning… Continue reading He was a Hero, A Prince, and Now…

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Democratic Republic of Beer – Miami, FL

After a night out on the Wynwood Art Walk, and bumping into some friends, we decided to hit this place, especially after I was told of numerous beers and such. We decided to sit outside so we could smoke and all that. Overall, very good service, attentive staff, and yes, A SHITLOAD OF BEER. I… Continue reading Democratic Republic of Beer – Miami, FL

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