STATION ID: A Valuable Witness

Lately, its an endeavor to put something together to show you. Not because of anything else other than the real ugly truth: I don't want to cate to Apathy. I don't get what I want from the internet. I don't want to be n here having a one-sided conversation and at the same time,  if [...]

TAKE THE HIT: some heart, some brain, and some liver

TAKE THE HIT: This week is about getting back to normal, again. When you go through life altering changes, be it in death and love, and everything in between, you have to find you medium, your normal, whatever that is. Many times it’s not Happiness either. Thats not the point. It’s about the OKAYNESS you need [...]


(THIS WAS LATE AS I AM ILL WITH FLU) Well, to post about my current projects and situation,  would be downright idiotic with taking yesterday's date, and it’s relevance to myself. Sure, I could reflect on everything that happened that day, but do we all need another post about being there? About what happened? How have things changed? [...]

Where I lay my head is home…

...I know semi quoting Metallica's "Wherever I may Roam" is like wearing a Hot Topic Misfits shirt while listening to Green Day, but it was apt for today. John and had hit the road, with Jeff  in tow, and there was this lull. This odd point at the beginning of the road to Tampa that [...]


After reading, reading, Reading, Reading, reading, and READING on all these new limp-wristed manifesto about comics, I thought I would put in my two cents 1. Nobody gives a fuck. Most people want to read a book here and there, and are looking for a cool graphic or something "funky" or whatever. But in then [...]