STATION ID: the dying of the light is fucking dying people

You ever heard that line from the famous poem? I think a lot of times, it is fucking dying. Then again I could just be bummed form other things, but still, it’s odd how human perception seems to seethe and writhe in the negative. But it’s an evolutionary necessity supposedly. Us, as a species, harp…


YouTube – 産総研オープンラボ2010でのアクトロイド-Fの操作の様子など.

Impeaching a President

At the very, very ,very least, when they do decide to take action after the fact, we can point to this event and say that somebody said something at sometime about Bush and his Administration and how he raped every single one of us and our country. Hopefully, the future generations won’t lok at us…

You know WHAT?

I don’t care about FLICKr fucking up on my blog anymore….