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  • The Revoltion

    The Revoltion, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro. ….Is moist in the back of my throat. The salt and peppered haired crone to one side of me is looking though PARADE magazine talking about all the green products they DON’T Have at home while her Professorish husband seems to find anything and everything to get the hell…

  • Wating patiently for the FEDEX guy

    Ordered a new Laptop and was waiting, But now I find out it just left fucking SHANGHAI today, so I have to wait till MONDAY. Fuck. Apple is a bitchy mistress, for sure. -See this is the kind of shit that makes me wince about the Democrats and Obama himself, when I myself try to…

  • What part of “Anthologies work really well” did people not fucking get?

    Marvel Comics Presents debuts in September at Number 1, huh? Really? Wow, who would have seen that coming? ME! Fucking Gits.