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  • Take the Hit: endings

    Take the Hit: endings

    + tired but thinking too much  + comics are coming in late. Fuck. What else is new. +What the fuck are you assholes thinking just sitting in the shop? I mean sure i don’t when folks hang out, and talk or whatever but I have a couple of fucking BONERS who I always have politely…

  • Not getting Old, but getting Better

    I think if there is a theme that comes into play in my life, now at 35, is this idea of “getting old” , not that you’re older, you’re just getting…old. Like they are hitting you with something. First. I don’t feel old. At times I wake up stiff, and I tend to have more…


    This one, you don’t even have to watch just sit back and have Bert Kreischer tell you about THE MACHINE,  it will blow your mind…. LUNCH TIME is going to be my attempt to entertain you during your lunch break with something to watch/listen/read while you chow down. That what I do at least! Enjoy!